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Apple's "Hey Siri" event live blog

  • Hello, and welcome to BetaBoston/The Boston Globe's live blog of Apple's event, which is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m. Eastern time.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 3:15:16 PM
  • Participating today on the blog: Globe reporters Hiawatha Bray, Cal Borchers, and Jessica Geller, and BetaBoston interim editor Bennie DiNardo.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 4:05:43 PM
  • Here's our preview of what to expect out of Apple today -- a new, souped-up Apple TV is getting the most attention. Will Apple finally reveal its strategy for the living room?
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 4:12:44 PM
  • Still waiting for the festivities to begin. Apple is broadcasting music from its Beats1 station.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:02:26 PM
  • Here we go. Tim Cook has taken the stage.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:03:15 PM
  • The Bill Graham Civic Auditorium is a much bigger space than usual for Apple. Holds about 7,000.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:04:26 PM
  • Tim Cook on stage in San Francisco.

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:04:30 PM
  • First up: updates on Apple Watch.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:04:36 PM
  • Apple Watch is first announcement

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:04:55 PM
  • Apple Watch is "helping our users live a better day."
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:05:43 PM
  • Cook says watch has 97% customer satisfaction.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:05:59 PM
  • Cook says Apple Watch satisfaction rate is 97 percent.

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:06:14 PM
  • Invites Jeff Williams to the stage, Apple senior vice president of operations, to the stage.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:06:48 PM
  • Jeff Williams takes the stage.

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:06:51 PM
  • No numbers on watch sales so far.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:07:32 PM
  • New feature: Transit

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:07:45 PM
  • Says there are 10,000+ watch apps in the App Store.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:08:11 PM
  • Facebook Messenger, iTranslate coming to the watch.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:08:28 PM
  • New app will allow users to control their GoPro camera from the watch.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:08:57 PM
  • Never miss an important shot with GoPro on Apple Watch

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:09:09 PM
  • Cameron Powell, AirStrip

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:09:51 PM
  • Cameron Powell, co-founder of Airstrip, on stage to show off watch app. Doctors, nurses can get data on a patient via the watch.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:10:17 PM
  • Shows live data from a patient on heartbeat, other vital signs.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:10:45 PM
  • AirStrip data

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:11:08 PM
  • Doctor can message other people on the care team to give orders, instructions.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:11:34 PM
  • Using Airstrip, docs also can communicate with patients and conduct tests live -- doc can see mother's heart rate, baby's heart rate on his watch.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:12:26 PM
  • To do this, patient needs the watch -- not necessarily to doc, too.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:13:23 PM
  • Jeff Williams returns to the stage

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:13:44 PM
  • Back to Jeff Williams again.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:14:20 PM
  • Hermes meets Apple Watch

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:14:37 PM
  • Showing off special Apple Watch Hermes edition.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:14:51 PM
  • jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:16:02 PM
  • Two new finishes for watch, gold and rose gold, for same price as "the rest of the sports lineup."
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:16:23 PM
  • New Apple Watch models

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:16:37 PM
  • Some other colors, bands.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:16:43 PM
  • Stainless steel red band

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:17:06 PM
  • New fall collection has a variety of colors for the band and case

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:17:46 PM
  • New models ship today in 24 countries. Watch OS 2 available a week from today, Sept. 16.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:17:54 PM
  • Tim Cook is back to discuss the iPad

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:18:27 PM
  • Next up with Cook: iPad.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:18:29 PM
  • With sales of tablets slipping, Cook needs to try and re-energize the line.
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:19:12 PM
  • Promises "the biggest news in iPad since the iPad."
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:19:37 PM
  • Images of the new iPad being shown now.

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:20:37 PM
  • iPad pro

    jessica.geller 9/9/2015 5:21:10 PM
  • Holds the new iPad Pro. "The most capable and powerful iPad we've ever created."
    Bennie DiNardo 9/9/2015 5:21:12 PM
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