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  • MLB's Torre chastises Ortiz over comments on official scorer 

    By Peter Abraham / Globe Staff 

    OAKLAND, Calif. — Joe Torre, Major League Baseball’s vice president of baseball operations, issued a statement on Friday chastising David Ortiz for his conduct towards the official scorer at Fenway Park on Wednesday.

    “Official scorers have a job to do, and by their very nature, their decisions don’t make everyone happy. But everyone in our game deserves respect.  I hope that David will meet that standard going forward, because I don’t share the same views that he expressed,” Torre said.

    “Official scorers should never give any benefit of the doubt to the home team. We want their best judgment, based on the rules. We have a process to review the decisions that our scorers make. Even when there are inevitable disagreements, we expect everybody to act professionally and respect the game and the integrity of our scorers.

    Ortiz was angry that official scorer Bob Ellis charged an error to Minnesota first baseman Joe Mauer on a ball Ortiz hit hard down the line in the seventh inning.

    When the inning ended, Ortiz stared at the press box and put his thumbs down. Ortiz continued to stare up at the press box in the eighth inning and was shouting.

    “What is he watching?” Ortiz said after the game. “He’s not watching the same ballgame that everybody’s watching, I guess.

    “People are supposed to have your back at home, and it never happens. It’s always like that. I’ve been here more than a decade and the scorekeepers here are always horrible. This is home, man.

    Ortiz and other Red Sox players have long taken issue with scoring calls at Fenway Park. Most thought the play in question should have been scored a hit given the difficultly of the play.

    “Got to make it clear,” Ortiz said Wednesday. “It’s not my first rodeo, man. You know how hard it is to get a hit, man?”

    Ortiz getting officially scolded by MLB is likely related to a previous incident in 2011 when he burst into a pre-game press conference held by then-manager Terry Francona and profanely complained about a scorer’s call.

    “I always look like I am the bad guy, but they always end up changing it,” Ortiz said. “So, don’t be just checking on Papi, check on the scorekeeper to see what he’s doing wrong. It’s something that’s getting out of control.

    More to come on this later.
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