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  • Remembering Robin Williams with a baseball story 

    By Peter Abraham / Globe Staff

    There are confirmed reports that the great comedian and actor Robin Williams was found dead today in California. He was 63. Surely most of us have a favorite movie of his, whether it's "Good Morning, Vietnam" or his immense work in "Good Will Hunting." What a talent.

    Here's a little baseball story involving Mr. Williams that you might find amusing.

    I was covering a Yankees playoff game at old Yankee Stadium and got in the elevator on the field level to go to the press box. When the elevator stopped at the lobby, Williams and Billy Crystal got on. There were just the three of us and the elevator operator, a young woman.

    I stood there silently, not wanting to be a pest. Crystal looked at the press credential hanging around my neck and said, "You work in Westchester? I have family there. How do you like covering the Yankees?"

    We chatted for a few seconds and as the elevator neared the final stop I said, "It was nice to meet you, Billy. I really enjoy your work."

    He said thanks and it was quiet for second.

    Then Williams said in a serious tone, "What, you don't like my [expletive] work?"

    I was horrified, but just for a second. "Got you, sport," he said with a loud laugh and walked off the elevator.

    Crystal was laughing hysterically, as was the elevator operator. It was one of those moments you never forget.

    So sad to hear about his passing.
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